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Linda M. Schweitzer is a dedicated Family Law professional who offers creative and affordable mediation in Family Law matters. She has over 20 years in the Family Law field working as a Family Law Mediator and contract Family Law Paralegal in the Dallas and surrounding metropolitan areas. She has extensive knowledge of the Dallas court system and judges as well as those in other areas including Collin, Denton, Ellis, Hunt, Johnson, Kaufman, Rockwall, Tarrant, and Van Zandt counties. She has a profound understanding of the issues that arise in Family Law disputes and works diligently and compassionately with the clients to help resolve those disputes. She also works to resolve same-sex couple disputes.


What is Mediation? Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution that attempts to facilitate agreement between the conflicted parties through the use of a trained neutral called a mediator. The mediation process is confidential and cannot be used as evidence at trial. If an agreement is reached between the parties, it will be binding on the parties and such an agreement shall be put in writing, signed by the parties and attorneys (if represented), and filed with the Court.


In Family Law matters, that agreement is then drafted into a decree or modifcation that is filed with the Court. Family Law disputes are typically charged with a high degree of emotion. The mediator in a Family Law dispute should have in their repertoire the abilities to listen attentively, hear compassionately, and to allow the parties to vent their anguish or frustration. This may be the only time that a party will feel that his or her story was told and heard. Although the mediator is not acting as an attorney and is not required to be an attorney by the ADR statute, in Family Law matters, the mediator should have a good working knowledge of the Texas Family Code and the requirements of the Court where the matter is filed. The majority of Courts in the Dallas and surrounding communities handling Family Law cases will require that the parties participate in mediation prior to setting the matter for final trial.


Mediation can also be initiated prior to filing suit by request of one of the parties.


Linda M. Schweitzer has successfully resolved hundreds of Family Law matters through the use of creative strategies and compassionate techniques. She has an approximate 98% success rate. She has purposely kept her fees in an affordable range so that she can be accessible to a larger group in the community and still provide a quality service.





$300.00 per party per half-day, $600.00 per party per full day (cash, attorney's check, Chase EasyPay, Wells Fargo Surepay or LawPay.)

Linda M. Schweitzer, CLA

Family Law Mediator

Schweitzer Mediation

Tel: (972) 613-1566
Cell: (972) 670-7321
Fax: 1 (866)-927-0737


Linda M. Schweitzer also recommends the use of Our Family Wizard as an effective tool in co-parenting.  The link to this website is as follows: