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"Linda Schweitzer is truly a miracle worker in mediation. She was able to help us work out an agreement where it seemed impossible to come up with one. She was very professional, courteous, and honest, and I believe that she is to thank for such a positive outcome in settling. Thanks Linda!!!"  (Names withheld to protect confidentiality.)

Michelle Heron

“Linda has been able to resolve some of my toughest, most contentious cases. She is very no-nonsense and helps the parties quickly cut through the posturing and focus on resolution. Her creative settlement ideas were instrumental in resolving the cases I have had the pleasure of mediating with her and her rates cannot be beat. I would highly recommend her to mediate any family law matter.”

Debby MacKoy

“Linda has an excellent command of the knowledge necessary in family law matters to not only get the job done in mediation but to help the parties see the other parent's side of the issue. My client's have always been happy with her services, as am I and all others to whom I have referred her.”

Charles Howard

“Linda Schweitzer comes with my highest recommendation as a mediator of family cases. She has considerable experience as a family law paralegal and has mediated numerous family disputes with an outstanding rate of settlement. I respect her knowledge of family law so much that I have no problem assigning her to mediate cases where a family law attorney has been requested. In fact, she is one of the first mediators I think of when I need a mediator for a complicated family mediation. There are several other things I like and respect about Linda, one of them being her commitment to the ethics of the mediation profession. A second thing is her ability to be tough and direct while at the same time being gentle and compassionate when called for. Third, is her professional approach, demeanor and appearance. Last, but not necessarily least, is Linda's commitment to and belief in the value of the use of mediation as a more civil and generally less contentious manner of resolving disputes. If you are looking for a family law mediator, I strongly suggest you consider engaging Linda Schweitzer's services.”